The Madison 1031 team also stays up-to-date on all new regulations, case law and private letter ruling issued by the IRS.

    Madison 1031 is led by a nationally-recognized expert on §1031 Exchanges.

    • Our senior counsel, Lee David Medinets, Esq., has been called upon to testify before the IRS as part of that agency’s review of §1031 guidelines. A Certified Exchange Specialist®, he has a national reputation as a §1031 exchange expert and is a frequent speaker and author of numerous articles on the subject. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) which oversees best practices and legislation for the industry.
    • Michael S. Brady, Esq., CES, Madison 1031’s Executive Vice President, consults with clients and their advisors on complex §1031 Exchange issues, delivers seminars to real estate professionals, and publishes articles on tax and legal issues. A Certified Exchange Specialist®, Mr. Brady has also managed sales and operations for three other national §1031 Exchange companies, handling thousands of tractions. He has also served as general counsel for a title insurance company and has over 20+ years of experience representing clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions and other business matters
    • Esther Rozsansky, Madison 1031’s Director of Operations, is also a Certified Exchange Specialist with over a decade of experience handling all types of §1031 Exchanges. Mrs. Rozsansky is focused exclusively on §1031 Exchanges.


    The Madison 1031 team also stays up-to-date on all new regulations, case law and private letter rulings issued by the IRS. While Madison 1031 is part of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, which enables us to give clients greater guidance on how to structure each transaction for maximum ROI, the 1031 division is focused exclusively on §1031 Exchanges. Madison 1031 does nothing but §1031 Exchanges all day, every day. Since the company’s inception, Madison 1031 has handled thousands of §1031 Exchanges.